Project Description:

Website redesign for local bike shop. Group project examining the core process. Designed: wireframes, styleguide, user path, UI, interactions, and sitemap. Contributed to: user scenario, UX design and research, sitemap restructuring, and additional deliverables. Logo redesign was out-of-scope for the project.


  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • UX design
  • UX research and testing
  • Information architecture
Recycled Cycles Homepage Desktop Mockup Recycled Cycles Homepage - Visual Design Recycled Cycles Interaction Design
Recycled Cycles User Path and User Scenario

User Scenario:

Jimmy is a 19-year-old student who moved to the area from Portland a year ago to attend UW. He’s always been into the outdoors, and biking comes naturally to him. He hit a growth spurt late in high school and didn’t get the opportunity to update his ride. He’s been vaguely thinking he’d like to get a bike that fits his needs (casual, commuter, urban) and frame (height and proportions). He’d like to use part of his loan money to purchase a used bike, and he’s both environmentally conscious and thrifty. He’d also like to get some rain gear to help out with the Seattle weather.

Recycled Cycles Sitemap Recycled Cycles Wireframes Recycled Cycles Style Guide